RecWizard... desktop control of your account reconciliations.

Introducing RecWizard!!!

The only desktop-based General Ledger account reconciliation tool created by an accountant - for accountants.

  • Knowing what you have to do - Accountants have the responsibility to know what is in their accounts at all times. This is documented by completing an accurate and complete account reconciliation for each general ledger balance sheet account. Sometimes the pressures of daily tasks keep you from doing the detailed analysis necessary to make sure everything is up to date and correct. These distractions are things like:
    • Invoicing customers
    • Making collection calls
    • Preparing reports for the owner... or the bank... or the SEC
    • Paying vendors on time so you can keep the flow of products and services moving through your organization
  • Not reconciling your accounts completely on a regular basis can leave your accounting records susceptible to misstatements and errors that can be embarrassing, or even worse, fraudulent.
  • Proving to others the account balance is correct involves complete descriptions and documentation. Appropriate supporting documents should be available to anyone who is reviewing the account. RecWizard lets you attach those documents in an enterprise level of control where they are not editable once they are attached to a reconciliation.

General Ledger accounts must be analyzed and balanced regularly. Having an accounting software tool helps you do it faster and with greater accuracy - RecWizard is it.

  • Having the right tool - with our unique accounting software you will have the accounting tool necessary to complete each account reconciliation on a timely and thorough basis.
  • Financial statements and accounting reports that are right every time - our combination of senior financial management experience and cutting edge computer technology expertise makes RecWizard unique in the world of computerized accounting support. This is truly one of those accounting solutions that works.

Accurate and timely reconciliations are a critical part of good internal controls - and that's always important whether you must comply with Sarbanes-Oxley or not.

  • Having accurate and timely account reconciliations is an important part of correct accounting and good internal controls. Knowing that all your reconciliations are complete before you issue financial statements can keep you out of any embarrassing situations caused when you find an error AFTER you have released your financial statements - and RecWizard will help you know exactly where you stand in relation to this crucial information.
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 addresses many areas of accounting, financial reporting, and investment company relations. One of the key elements of this legislation is the requirement for increased responsibility for documenting and enforcing internal controls. Not only is this important for good accounting, you and your auditors have to attest to the existence of those controls in SEC filings.
  • RecWizard is designed to not only make the task of preparing account reconciliations more accurate and complete, but it also provides a means of creating complete documentation that assists in the ability to audit and verify the existence of and adherence to company policies. In addition, the approval and review of those reconciliations is documented for easy review by your external auditors.

    • You can read our limited interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley by clicking on the link above.

No formal accounting training? Our tutorial gives you detailed instructions and guidance to make your reconciliations complete.

  • Years of practical accounting experience are wrapped up in the RecWizard tutorial to show you the best way to document the transactions that make up your account balances.
  • There are 24 different account reconciliations that have been prepared for every type of reconciliation you are likely to encounter. Detailed transactions and descriptions not only show you how to prepare various reconciliations, they provide a basic accounting tutorial.
  • Descriptions of accounting policies and procedures related to the various accounts help demonstrate accounting theory while providing practical examples.
  • Click on the link above to go to the Tutorial page to find out more about it. You can even view the complete Tutorial on-line!!!

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