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I don't know a lot about accounting. Will I still be able to do reconciliations like the pros?
RecWizard is more than just a tool for professional accountants. It has complete, detailed tutorials giving you examples of how to set up your account reconciliations and the accounting theory behind your transactions. To go to the tutorial page click on the menu item above.

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Demonstrations and live training are the methods that work best for me to learn new things. Do you have classes available to teach me and my staff how to use the software?
At our goal is to make sure our users get the most out of RecWizard. In the near future we will be offering on-line training seminars led by the developers of the program. You can see all our training options by going to the training page.

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I'm lazy. Does your software interface with other General Ledger software to automatically load month end balances?
While it isn't exactly automatic, RecWizard will let you import your Period End Balances from a .csv or .xls (Excel) file. You can see exactly how to do it by going to our tutorial and viewing this page - Import GL Balances

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My integrated accounting package (such as Quickbooks or Peachtree) already has the ability to do the bank reconciliation. What do I need RecWizard for?
The integrated accounting software that is on the market is extremely complete and useful. We even use it for the general ledger. That being said, there are still many accounts other than the bank account that should be reconciled. For good accounting procedures to be effective, ALL your general ledger accounts should be reconciled EVERY MONTH. Now some of those reconciliations may be very brief, but they still should be done - EVERY MONTH. It's the month that you decide you can "do it next month" that always has the error you should have found. RecWizard gives you templates that guide you through the process quickly and completely. You can still do the bank reconciliation with your integrated accounting package, but for the rest of your accounts - use RecWizard.

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I want to use RecWizard for multiple companies. How do I do that?
Often the job of the controller or accountant calls for closing multiple sets of books. You can use our software for all your entities by setting up separate database files for them. To see how to do this in the Tutorial, go to the section titled Multiple Entities. We'll show you how to set up those new databases and how to change the company you are working on. After all, what good is a new database if you can't access it?

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We have several versions of Windows in our office. What is the requirement for RecWizard?
RecWizard was written for Windows operating systems. We have had success with it running on all versions from Windows 95 through XP - including 2000 and NT. You should have all current Windows updates installed for your particular Windows version.

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I am really under the gun. We need to get controls in place as soon as possible. How long will it take to begin using RecWizard effectively?
From the time we receive the list of your general ledger accounts until your system is installed and ready to go - including training - can be as short as one week. It mostly depends on how quickly you get the information to us and make you and your staff available for training. You can see more about training and QuickStart database creation on these links.

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My company has some very specific ways of handling certain accounting policies. Is it possible to have templates developed so my accounting is consistent and accurate?
Absolutely. Are design team can discuss your needs and provide suggestions about how best to create a template to guide your reconcilers to completing accurate reconciliations that comply with your company policies or unique accounting circumstances. Costs for this type of development are billed on a time and materials basis. We will also include additional tutorial pages for any new templates that are developed.

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Sometimes the problems I encounter in my reconciliations are a bit unusual. How do I find answers to those problems?
We know there are many exceptions to every rule. One thing we do to help you think through the solution is to offer a separate section in the tutorial called Special Issues. There you will see creative ways to apply the software to record unusual activity or take into account unusual timing issues. If you have a specific issue that you'd like to have us consider for inclusion in that section of the tutorial, just contact us and we'll do two things. First - we'll give you a solution to your problem. Second - we'll add the solution to our Special Issues section. If you happen to create a solution that we haven't heard before, we'll add your solution to our tutorial along with editorial credit - and we'll send you a really neat screen saver as a thank you for your assistance in improving our product.

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