Features, features, features...

We'll lay out all the features of the RecWizard for you here. In addition, you might want to consider going to the videos page to see a PowerPoint presentation and a Windows Media Video. You can also go to the tutorial page to link directly to the on-line tutorial where you can see screen shots and instructions for using the features of RecWizard.

Easy to navigate user interface.

Right from the beginning RecWizard gets you organized. The easy to read navigator points out the major tasks that need to be performed.




















The easy look and feel of RecWizard guides you to the creation of good reconciliations every time.

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Five formula protected templates prompt you for the right information.

  • The use of templates in RecWizard has two functions:
    • The preparer is prompted for certain information depending on the reconciliation type. This helps make sure the correct information is gathered every time.
    • Formulas are locked in the program so there is no chance of an accidental keystroke that could erase a critical formula or delete a link to important information.
  • The five templates used in RecWizard are:
    • List
    • Subledger Match
    • Amortizable Prepaid
    • Calculated Balance
    • Checking Account

To see samples of the various reconciliation templates, go to the tutorial page and click on the link to the on-line tutorial. There are 24 sample reconciliations for almost every account you are likely to encounter.

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Overview status table for superior management control.

The Reconciliation Review Table quickly shows the status of all your reconciliations with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can see if there are ane Required Adjustments, Unresolved Items or Inidentified Differences that you should focus your attention on. Just double click to review the reconciliation.

















Whether you are managing a large staff, or just trying to keep yourself organized, this table alone makes RecWizard a priceless investment for your company.

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Easy and immediate access to accounting procedures and company policies.

Whether you fall under the specific internal control requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley or not, it just makes good sense to document your accounting procedures and company policies. RecWizard not only provides you with a convenient tool to document that critical information, it also makes that data accessible every time you prepare an account reconciliation with one click of the mouse. When clicking on the Account Information tab you see this...




















Did you ever have to train a new employee when a staff member had an emergency medical problem - or have somebody quit without giving you proper notice? If your accounting policies had been properly documented these problems could probably have been greatly reduced. RecWizard gives you the tool to do that.

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Complete reconciliations with descriptions, supporting documents, and electronic sign-off of completed responsibilities.

Each reconciliation prompts the preparer for appropriate information to document clearly and completely why the account balance is correct. Supporting documents can be attached and are not editable once they are saved in the RecWizard database. Electronic sign-off shows who Prepared/Approved/Reviewed the reconciliation - and when!



























Your senior managers will never again have to ask for a supporting document and the auditors will be thrilled with the documented process that not only show that reconciliations have been completed - but also when they have been completed.

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Detailed tutorial instructions guide you in using RecWizard ...and... using good account reconciliation techniques - whether you have a formal accounting education or not.

The tutorial is installed with every copy of RecWizard as a .pdf file. As you can see, it navigates like a web page. This makes it easy for you or your staff to find answers to your questions - whether they're about using RecWizard itself, or they're about general account reconciliation and documentation theory.


























Comments throughout the tutorial recommend good accounting technique for describing your reconciling items and suggestions about what type of documents you should save to substantiate the balances in your accounts. We can even customize the tutorial for your specific company circumstances for special accounting issues or specific business processes.

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Separate user identification and authority levels.

Every user should have their own unique user name and password. These are easy to set up in RecWizard and will automate your preparation, approval and review process.














As you can see, the user information is easy to set up and provides flexibility for you to dictate any parameters for how you want users to set up their user name and their password. You can use any methodology that is consistent with other programs you use that require user names and passwords.

The authority level gives you the ability to set up what you will allow that user to "click off" when they perform their portion of the reconciliation. This lets you see who has completed each respective step of the reconciliation process. It also captures the date each process was completed so you can discuss the timeliness of reconciliation completion along with the quality of your reconciliations.

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There is a complete audit trail.

Every change to your RecWizard database is stored showing the change made, who made it and when it was made. This information is located in secure tables that can only be accessed by us.

If you ever need to review this information - for example, in the case of an employee falsifying records - we will provide access information and assist you with how to query the data to get the information you need to clarify the history of changes made to the reconciliations.

We hope you never need to use this information, but it's there if you ever have to research this type of activity.

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And finally... the summary.

If you've searched the internet, if you've contacted your old accounting professor at State University, even if you've resorted to reading accounting publications, you know there is no program available like RecWizard. Nothing.

In one complete, user-friendly program you can:

  • Reconcile your General Ledger accounts - including attaching all your supporting documents!
  • Document your accounting procedures
  • Review the status of your reconciliations, whether that's as a time management tool for yourself, or as a method of assessing the timeliness and skills of your staff
  • Document company policies
  • Utilize the tutorial to teach your staff how to do a reconciliation the right way
  • ...and possibly the most important point - document all that for your senior managers and auditors who are relying on your your account reconciliation process as a key internal control

And if that isn't enough, it will save you time at the most crucial time of the month - during month-end close.

Click on the Contact Us menu option above and get started with the only accounting tool that makes account reconciling fun. OK - maybe that's a bit of a stretch.

RecWizard... for good accounting the easy way.

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