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The presentation was made by Jeff Adler, CPA, President of RecWizard and Dan Craft, Senior Manager with Ernst & Young as a webcast for the Greater-Milwaukee Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants and was attened by more than 800 accountants. It reviews the basic requirements of what makes a good account reconciliation and proposes solutions to create a process that is complete, accurate, and auditable. The title of the presentation was General Ledger Account Reconciliations - Basic Building Blocks for Good Accounting Controls.

Here is what was covered:

  • What makes account reconciliations a key control?
  • How do you assess your own company's commitment to the reconciliation process?
  • Does Sarbanes-Oxley require this... and what if we're not a SarBox company?
  • How does the reconciliation process improve accuracy and reliability of financial statements?
  • Defining key elements of a good account reconciliation process:
    • Training
    • Standardization
    • Adherence to Policies
    • Monitoring

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IMA PowerPoint

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