Don't spend $600.00 or more per year for a SaaS application when you can own RecWizard for $350.00!

Value must be generated by every resource you acquire - including accounting support software.

The cost of any purchase your company makes must be offset by the value it receives. We believe the features of RecWizard far outweigh it's cost. But it's not important what we think, it's important what you think. RecWizard will:

  • Speed up your month-end close cycle by making reconciliations easier to complete.
  • Maintain focus on good accounting practices by documenting policies and procedures and having them easily available while preparing each reconciliation.
  • Provide management review capability of the status of reconciliations to make sure controls are being adhered to.
  • Document the reconciliation process for your external auditors so they can attest to this portion of your control processes with less audit time.

On our web site you will be able to view the complete RecWizard tutorial. This will show you all the features of the program and describe in detail how to use them.

You can also go to the features page to read about the many benefits your company will enjoy by using RecWizard. In addition, the videos page provides you with a PowerPoint presentation and a Windows Media Video that you can view if you prefer that type of learning process.

Once you know all the benefits you can make up your own mind about whether it's worth the cost.

RecWizard Professional - the desktop solution that includes the ability to attach supporting documents.

RecWizard Professional provides you all the features of RecWizard Classic - PLUS - the ability to attach supporting documents to each reconciliation and assistance with setup and training.

  • Initial license - $2,000.00 - this includes working with you on the initial setup of your databases and live, online staff training classes.
  • Additional user licenses - $350.00 each
  • To see what information is required to set up a new database, go to the QuickStart page.

RecWizard Classic - the desktop solution for any size company.

RecWizard Classic provides all the features you see on the web site except the ability to attach supporting documents. RecWizard Classic can be set up with the database on a central server to provide multi-user access. You can set up as many separate databases as you like. This basic reconciliation control application includes our complete tutorial to get you you started.

  • Single user license - $200.00

Because the price is so low we expect you to get started on your own by reading the Tutorial. It's really quite simple. If you want a more complete solution that includes live training support and assistance getting set up, look at RecWizard Professional above and include the ability to store all your supporting documents.

As you become a new user and continue reconciling your accounts with RecWizard, one concern of your company will be training. You can find the options for training on the Training page.