quickstart - fast and easy!

QuickStart databases get you up and reconciling quickly.

You've got a computer, you've got a general ledger and you've got our software. You also have a deadline to get the reconciliations done now!!

While RecWizard works great, you still have to spend time setting up all your accounts before you can actually prepare your reconciliations.

There is a faster way to get started than having to sit at the computer and set up accounts. We can actually set up your accounts for you in a new database so all you have to do is "click and reconcile".

To do this all we need is a datafile from you in either Excel or .csv format. This type of file can be created from almost all general ledger packages. The file should include:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • *Account Type
    • Asset
    • Liability
    • Equity
    • Income
    • Expense
    • Contra-Asset
  • **Reconciliation Type
    • List
    • Checking Account
    • Subledger Match
    • Calculated Balance
    • Amortizable Prepaid
  • The name you want us to use for that particular database
  • The name you want us to use for the Company Name that will appear on your reports
    • NOTE: We need a separate datafile for each database that you want us to set up

*Account Type if you do not furnish us an Account Type we will use our best guess based on your chart of accounts structure. If we have no idea what the account type might be, we will call the account an Asset. You can easily change that in the account setup portion of the program before you prepare your first reconciliation if we guess wrong.

**Reconciliation Type if you do not give us a reconciliation type we will use the List Reconciliation Type. You can easily change that in the account setup portion of the program before you prepare your first reconciliation.

You do not have to send us a list of all your accounts only the ones you want to reconcile. That would probably just be your Balance Sheet accounts initially. You could manually set up any Income or Expense accounts that you wish to use as you go.

Here is a sample of an Excel file showing the four pieces of information we need to set up your database:

In addition to the account information, we can also set up your users. If you want us to do that, give us the following information:

  • User Name - this will be what the user will type in as a logon name
  • Password - the users will be able to change their own passwords, but if you have something you want us to input, let us know. Otherwise all passwords will be set initially to "password".
  • Full Name - this is the name that will appear on reports identifying the user that performed various reconciliation steps.

If you do not send us any user information your database will be set up with only one user. That will be admin with a password of recwizard.

What does it cost?

NOTHING!!! The cost of setting up the QuickStart databases is included with your purchase of RecWizard Professional. Just send us the datafiles (as many as you like) and we'll create your databases.

How fast can you do this?

We guarantee fast service. If you email us your datafiles, and we don't have any questions about what you have sent us, we will return your complete ready-to-use databases within 24 hours via email.

Where do I order and my QuickStart databases?

Email us at quickstart@recwizard.com or call us at 310.869.1170. We'll be happy to coordinate the completion of your installation of RecWizard and the creation of your QuickStart databases.

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