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Import GL Balances

RecWizard provides you with an efficient way to update your period end balances by importing them from your General Ledger accounting package.

Most General Ledger accounting software gives you the ability to perform two functions critical to importing period end balances -

  1. Create a Trial Balance report
  2. Create a file in the .csv or .xls (Excel) format

Using these tools you can create a file that can be imported into RecWizard with your period end balances for each account your are reconciling.

We'll leave it to you to determine how your own accounting package works, but the final .csv or .xls file you create to import into RecWizard will have two columns.

The first column will have your account numbers in it. These must match the account numbers you have set up in RecWizard exactly. Account 1001 is not the same as 100-1 or 100.1 or 1OO1 (yes, those are the letter "O" in that final example). If you have not set up your accounts in RecWizard exactly the same as the way they are exported from your General Ledger accounting software you will get an error message when you attempt to import the balances. Since RecWizard allows you to use alphanumeric account numbers, it's ok to have letters or symbols in your account number - as long as it's the same for both the account number in your General Ledger accounting software and RecWizard.

The second column will have the balance that is in your account. Since there is only one column, the balances must be shown as either a debit or a credit. Credits will be shown as negative amounts. Make sure the amounts are treated as numbers, not as text.

NOTE: There are is no header row in the file that you will be importing. If you include a header row you will get an error message that will say 'both items invalid' for that row. It will not cause any problems with the import function, you will just get that annoying error message.

WARNING: You may not be reconciling all your general ledger accounts in RecWizard. (Usually you will reconcile all your balance sheet accounts and only a few of your income statement accounts). When you run a trial balance report from most accounting software packages it will probably include every account in your general ledger. It is a good idea to delete the accounts that you would not like to include in your import file. This will make sure you don't get error messages about the accounts in the file that are not set up in RecWizard. This will not cause any problems with the import function, you will just get a very long error message.

Here is a sample of the information that would exist in a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file that is ready to be imported into RecWizard:

You can name the .csv or .xls or .xlsx file anything you want and save it anywhere on your computer or on your network, just remember what you called it and where you saved it so you can retrieve it for the import.

To begin importing the period end balances, select Enter Period End Balances from the main menu, then enter the date you want to import balances for.

You will then see the following screen (as you can see, we have chosen May 31, 2011 as the period end date we want to import balances for).

The Import button is located in the lower right corner of the dialog window. To import your balances click on it. You will then see this dialog window:

The blue numbers won't be there, but from here it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. Check to make sure you are working with the proper database and that you are importing information for the proper Period End. As you can see here, the Company is RecWizard Tutorial and the Period End is May 31, 2011.
  2. Click on the Browse button and find the file you created earlier. Do you remember what you called it and where you saved it? 
  3. Click on the Import button.

You will then see this message box.

If there are errors in any of your data, you might see a message box that looks something like this...

After you click the OK button you will return to the Period End Balances dialog window where you will be able to see the amounts you have just imported.

IMPORTANT: IF THE INFORMATION DOES NOT LOOK CORRECT (for example, you suddenly realize that you input the wrong date for the information you are importing) YOU CAN CLICK ON CANCEL AND THE BALANCES WILL NOT BE UPDATED.

Until you are familiar with the upload process we suggest you be very cautious about reviewing what you are importing into RecWizard. The import function cannot be undone and all your period end balances will be adjusted to the amounts that you have just imported. If you had previously completed reconciliations for this period we suggest you run the General Ledger Reconciliation Summary Report and make sure your accounts still reconcile with the amounts you imported.

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