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Multiple Entities

Many accountants have several companies to account for. There may also be several people that need to access the account reconciliations for a specific company. This portion of the tutorial will show you how to set up multiple databases and how to access them.

If you put the database(s) on your server, multiple users can access them at once. The databases that come with RecWizard can be accessed by up to 255 users at once. However, there may be some significant effect on speed if you have more than 20 users at one time. Control over access to these databases will be based on the access that has been set up on your network.

If you want all your information in one database we suggest you develop your own numbering system for your account numbers - i.e. all accounts for Corporate begin with C; all accounts for Southern Company begin with S; all accounts for Jones Division begin with J... you get the idea.

Setting up Multiple Databases

Setting up new databases for RecWizard is not difficult. However, if you do not normally do much in the way of moving files, copying files and changing the names of files using basic Windows commands, then you might want to have somebody within your company that is more of an IT expert look over your shoulder while you do this.

  1. Find the blank copy of the RecWizard database. It is named BLANK.mdb and is usually found in the C:\Program Files\RecWizard\Database folder on your computer.
  2. Make a copy of the database (using Windows commands) and paste it to a folder where you want to access it from.
  3. Rename the database to something that makes sense to you. Be sure to include the extension ".mdb" - for example:
    1. 10-Metro.mdb - for company 10, Metro Leasing - or -
    2. 050-Olive NJ.mdb - for the Olive, NJ location - or -
    3. Master Real Estate.mdb - for the company called Master Real Estate

There is no limit to the number of databases you can set up.

You are now ready to open the database and change the company name so it appears properly on all your reports.

Opening a Different Database

Start RecWizard as you normally would. On the left side of the dialog window you will see a section titled System Maintenance with a menu item titled Change database location. You will be prompted with the Open RecWizard Database dialog window. Use normal Windows techniques to locate the database you want to work with. In this case, the database we are selecting is the Metro Transfer.mdb:

Once you have selected the database you want to work with you will be prompted for your User Name and Password:

That's all there is to it. Just click on Open and start working on the database you just selected. But before you do that, you might want to change the Company Name so the titles on your reports appear correctly.

Changing the Company Name

Now that you're in the correct database you need to change the Company name that is stored within the database so it prints properly on all your reports. The Company name can be different than the database name.

In the main dialog window for RecWizard you will see two choices titled Application Setup. They both do the same thing. Click on either one and you will see this:

Click on the Company tab and you will see this dialog window:

Change the Company Name to anything you like. This is what will print on the first line of all your reports to identify the company that the report relates to. As you can see, the Company Name is Metropolitan Transfer Company, Inc. for the database that we called MetroTransferReconciliations.mdb

Click on the Done button and that's it. Now you can start reconciling your accounts.

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