Training options to fit your company.

There are many ways to learn to use RecWizard. Determine the level of training that your company needs and then review the options we have available for you. We're sure you'll find several options that will fit your needs.

Free options - accessible right here on our web site.

There are several things you can access on our web site that will aid in your training process.

  • Tutorial - the complete tutorial that is installed with RecWizard is also available on-line. Click on the tutorial menu item at the top of the page to review the tutorial. If you already have RecWizard installed on your computer, click on the "Tutorial" button or menu item that appears in the program.
  • Video - a Windows Media Video file will show you in less than 4 minutes the highlights of RecWizard. This is a great introduction to the program. We recommend viewing this before beginning detailed training so you can understand the big picture before getting lost in the details. Click on the videos menu item at the top of the page to link to the actual video file.
  • PowerPoint presentation - our PowerPoint presentation will show you in 22 slides an overview of RecWizard. Similar to the video, it is a very general introduction to the program. Great for an overview of what RecWizard can do without burying you in the details. Click on the videos menu item at the top of the page to link to the actual PowerPoint file.

    • COMING SOON - we are in the process of developing video tutorial sessions
      focused on individual tasks, such as:
      • User Setup
      • Account Setup
      • Basic Reconciliation Philosophy - where, what, when, why, who
      • Documentation for your Account Reconciliations
      • Documentation of Accounting Procedures and Accounting Policies
      • Using Open and Close Dates Properly

  • RecWizard Training Materials - our PowerPoint presentation that is used in training customers during the implementation process. This material is used during live training sessions and covers the principles of good reconciliation preparation and the use of RecWizard. To download the presentation material, click the icon below.

  • Click here to view the
    PowerPoint .pps file.

Reconciliation Tip of the Month

Each month we send out an email with information about preparing good account reconciliations. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please email us at and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Most of the tips are related to good practices to use when you prepare account reconciliations - whether you use RecWizard or some other program. There are, of course, tips related just to the RecWizard software to make you more efficient and effective in completing your monthly task of reconciling accounts.

To see past tips, click here.

Live training sessions.

When you purchase RecWizard you are entitled to initial live training sessions. This is included as part of your original purchase and will be included in the proposal that is furnished to you as part of your original contract.

Additional live training sessions can be provided as you deem necessary.

  • Web based group training using GoToMeeting - training sessions can be for up to 25 users. We prefer limiting the class size to 10 to better provide attention to specific concerns, but class sizes of up to 25 can be accommodated. The cost for these classes is $300 for a one hour class plus $250 per hour for each additional class hour (billed in quarter hour increments). This will include all appropriate setup instructions and a follow-up memo to you about the class noting the amount of participation, questions and concerns raised by the participants and a list of the participants that attended.
  • Live training at your facility - if logistics make it possible and cost effective, there is no better training than live face-to-face. We'd be happy to arrange for one of our RecWizards to go to your facility and train you and your staff in the art of reconciling. Please email us at to discuss costs and availability.

    • COMING SOON - we are currently developing training classes that will be provided to anyone interested in attending. The cost of these courses will be $50.00 per attendee and will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants. The classes are expected to be one hour long and will include the following subjects:
      • Reconciliation Basics - what an account reconciliation is, how to document the reconciling items and what documentation records should be retained. There will also be some general accounting guidance provided as part of the course.
      • Reconciliation Techniques - less emphasis on general accounting training and more emphasis on the reconciliations themselves, including the use of the accounting procedure documentation features and supervisor and manager tools.

If you have any specific requests for training or suggestions for other features that should be available, please let us know by filling out the Comment section on the information request page.