A tutorial should do more than just help you use the program...

Our complete tutorial is included with every installation of RecWizard. It is easily accessible from within the program, or it can be viewed separately so you can use it for training purposes.

Easy to use and navigate.

While the tutorial that is part of the RecWizard installation on your personal computer is a .pdf file (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader), it functions like a web site. There are easy to navigate hyperlinks to take you seamlessly through the sections you want to review.

Each page of the tutorial was created keeping in mind these two goals:

  1. What does the user need to do to use the RecWizard program?
  2. What will help the user do a better job of reconciling accounts and becoming a better accountant?

Sample reconciliations clearly demonstrate every feature.

There are 24 sample reconciliations in the tutorial. They include the specifics of how to set up the account, how to identify reconciling items, what to document in your reconciliation and what to do to correct the problems you may have uncovered. These preparation and documentation principles apply to any business and can re-enforce management's goals to create complete and accurate financial statements.

View the tutorial on-line.

To view our tutorial, fill out the request form on the information request page. The URL for our tutorial will be emailed to you within 24 hours.