Sit back and relax - we'll tell you all you need to know!

Everyone likes to absorb information in a way that's best for them. Here you have your choice - a narrated video, or a more traditional PowerPoint presentation. If you have extra time, watch both. You can even find out how to arrange for a live on-line demonstration.

View a narrated video that shows the features of RecWizard.

This Windows Media Video is narrated by Jeff Adler, the founder of and the creator of RecWizard. It is about four minutes long and reviews the features of RecWizard at a fairly high level. Click on the monitor on the left to begin viewing the video...


Review a more traditional PowerPoint presentation highlighting the RecWizard features and benefits.

To some of us it seems a little bit odd to think of PowerPoint as "traditional". If you like to use PowerPoint and find that is a better way of learning for you (or you need the presentation to show your boss), click on the icon on the left to view the .ppsm file...


View the PowerPoint material from a joint webinar with Ernst & Young and the Institute of Managment Accountants.

The Greater-Milwaukee Chater of the Institute of Management Accountants knows how important the account reconciliation process is. Jeff Adler, CPA, President of RecWizard and Dan Craft, Senior Manager with Ernst & Young presented a one-hour webinar to over 800 accountants. Click the icon on the left to learn more...

Arrange to have a live demonstration on-line.

For some people just finding things on the internet isn't enough. You need a hands-on demonstration with real question and answer opportunities. We'd be happy to demonstrate RecWizard for you using GoToMeeting. Just send an email to and we'll call you to set up a convenient time for the demonstration. You can also call us at 310.869.1170 and arrange a time right now!